Sanaa Shalan condemns the robbery of her literary works and works of Arab writers by a zionist publishing house

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Sanaa Shalan condemns the robbery of her literary works and works of Arab writers by a zionist publishing house

The Jordanian writer of Palestinian origin, Dr. Sanaa Shalan, condemned the theft of her literary works and the works of 45 Arab writers by a zionist publishing house. Zionist publishing house “Resling” her story “Open Door/ Al Bab Al Maftouh”, published in 2006 among the stories of “The Land of the Tale/ Ared Al Hakaya” and the winner of the Nasser Salah al-Din al-Ayyubi Prize - in addition to the publication of the stories of 45 contemporary Arab writers, after translating it by the Zionist Dr. Alon Fragman, a teacher at the Center for Arabic Language Studies at Ben-Gurion University in the Negev, Palestine.
All of them were published in a book in Hebrew entitled "Freedom" in a clear violation of the property rights of these texts, which belong to the intellectual rights of Shalan and Arab writers, which are:
Intissar Abd el Men’em (Egypt), Souad Mahmoud el Amin (Sudan), Rihab Mohammed Ali el Basyouni (Egypt), Nawal el Ganam (Morocco), farah el Tunisi (Tunisia), Najwa Ben Shatwan (Libya), Fatima al Zahraa Ahmed (Somalia), Rahma Shukri (Somalia), Latifa Baka (Morocco), Fatima Bouzyan (Morocco), Sondos Jamal el Houseini (Egypt), Jannat Bou Minjel (Algeria), Badria Ali (Sudan), Latifa Abdullah (the name of the country was not mentioned), Shahinaz Fawwaz (Egypt), Souad Soulaiman (Egypt), Nabhat el Zain (Algeria), Fatima Hammad (Egypt), Doaa Abd el Rahman (Egypt), Ahlam Mosteghanemi (Algeria), Mona Balsham (Algeria), Sajida Abdallah Ibrahim (Bahrain), Sharifa al Tawbi (Oman), Zolaykha Youssef (UAE), Rafah el Saif (KSA), Fatima el Hasni (UAE), Zeinab Ahmad Hafni (KSA), Intisar el Sirri (Yemen), Hala Tou’ma (Jordan), Haimaa el Moufti (Syria), Ibtisam Shakoush (Syria), Lazza al Hammoud (Kuwait), Buthaina al Issa (Kuwait), Mayyada el Ani (Iraq), Hanan Beirouti (Jordan), Najla Sa’id (Palestine), Mountaha al Idani (Iraq), Sanaa Shalan (Jordan), Haifaa Bitar (Syria), Haifaa Youssef Ajib (Syria), Salwa Banna (Palestine), R A R (Palestine), Fawz Kolabi (Iraq), Asmaa Mohammad Moustafa (Iraq) and Madona Askar (Lebanon).
Shalan said: “I reject any normalization or deal with any zionist entity, and I consider that the publication of my work by any of those bodies is an organized robbery and intent on Arab thought and creativity that is against the occupation of Arab Palestine, and normalization with it, and to try to blur the features of Arab culture, or misuse and malice for the abuse of Arab civilization and the Arab person”.
“This robbery is only a vivid, practical and clear example of the philosophy of the zionist mindset based on the thought of theft, looting and forgery, and no wonder in that. It is based on the philosophy of occupation, which stole Palestine from its people and continues to follow a systematic plan for the theft of man, civilization and history of the Palestinian Arab people, who is the sole and true heir of the civilization and the land”.
“It is clear that this translation of our work, which was done by the zionist publishing house has led to the shame of a group of Arab writers by involving them on charges of normalization with the zionist enemy at a sensitive time of the Arab-humanitarian conflict with the zionists, as this conflict extends to the intellectual and civilized existence”.

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